geeky awesomeness at the pdx maker faire

1000 batteries?  Check!  1,000 cut cardstock templates?  Check.  Thousands of paper figures, rolls of conductive tape, and a thousand LED’s? Check, check, and check!  All systems go for our hands-on pop-up card activity for Portland’s Maker Faire.  Good thing, since we were nothing but swamped from the moment the Faire opened it’s gates.


We had an outstanding location – tall benches behind us served as a great display case for the many  e-textile projects we brought to show how fashion and technology go hand in hand for our young makers.  Having one of the few indoor locations made it possible to see the LED’s far better than if we had been out in the sunlight.

We had plenty of room for our working table where kids and adults (from toddlers to grandma’s) could sit down and create high/low tech art/technology LED pop-up cards from the materials we brought.




It was a wonderful success!  We met so many families – over and over we got to enjoy that moment when someone realized for the first time that making a circuit is not so mysterious and, “Hey, I can do this!”

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  1. Robin Fosdick says:


    I tried to email you at but it’s bouncing back. My library is having a makerspace event in March 2013 and I’d love to have your group come!

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