oscon mini maker faire

A small mini maker faire was held this summer as part of the annual Open Source Conference, here in Portland, and we were invited to participate.  We had an amazing opportunity to meet with local makers (we particularly enjoyed the coffee-can robots!!) and to share our projects.  It turned out that we were right next to Greenlight for Girls, where 30 young women participated in projects involving robots and space and other cool things.  Our young makers were curious about their work, and they were equally interested in ours – truly a nice exchange of experiences and ideas.

We owe a debt of gratitude to one of the faire organizers Brian Jeppson – his gift of the Fashioning Technology book to Annika several years ago is what first piqued her interest in “electronic making”.  It was the catalyst that brought us to this point in time where we have a whole community of girls Making with fabric, thread, and lights!

In addition to meeting other makers and girls interested in technology, it was awesome to enjoy the EXPO atmosphere, see all the opensource projects, and vendors, and get a little bit of a sense of what that particular brand of geekdom might be like.

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